Cross Platform
Product Presentation & Configuration
GUIDE technology offers benchmark-setting interactive 3D presentation and configuration of products in an open environment with entertaining and intuitive user experience.

Non-linear content experience: GUIDE offers its users high flexibility of presentation and configuration flow – together with a step-by step structure, GUIDE offers the posibilities of free and contextual navigation while reviewing the virtual product.

Real-Time Configuration
Configure and experience: GUIDE combines standard product presentation and configuration with active function demonstration – all functions of the product or of the configuration options can be directly experienced hands-on any time in an animated simulation directly on the configured object. This allows to explain the purpose and usefulness of different product options and choices during configuration in a new, pleasant and persuasive.
Interactive Manual
Interactive Manual
State-of-the-art electronic manual with step-by-step 3D visualization available any time on any device.

GUIDE interactive manual solutions offer the direct experience on an simulated product, including context-relevant simulation – all instructions are instantly visualized on an detailed 3D simulation of the exact owners product.

The interactive manual is also created directly from configuration for the very specific product which the customer has actually purchased – taking into account product version, color, controls layout and avoiding generalisations or imperfect visualization that often accompanies current manuals made for whole product series.
GUIDE interactive manual solutions offer portable virtual product available at any time on any of the user´s devices. Furthermore, GUIDE manuals can be updated and extended by the manufacturer any time online.

GUIDE is also a direct portable Manufacturer-Customer communication tool:

GUIDE provides a new, efficient and attractive platform to communicate relevant information to customers directly over their product and manual applications

  • Additional equipment – offer equipment relevant for the specific products.
  • Customer rating-based services.
  • Instant important information – special service/maintenance communicated efficiently to the relevant target group.


Within its environment, GUIDE provides smart embedded surfaces for additional displayed content – sutable for cross-promotion advertising or simply providing additional own promotions.

Video walls, additional windows or 3D User-interface can be utilized to provide context-relevant promotion information.
Learning & Training
GUIDE also offers a modern cross-platform solution for education about products and their functions and the creation of tests for students or trainees with simulated products.

Full-scale educational programmes about the functions of complex machines, particularly medical or industrial equipment can be implemented in a modern way through the use of the GUIDE platform..

The cross-platform compatibility and focus on tablets/smartphones provides easy access in a variety of situations, including education facilities and field work.

The functions of the manual can be extended to simulate different work- or emergency situations and provide effective test-scenarios or quick “step-by-step” manuals to emergency procedures with full 3D visualization of the relevant components.