About us
ixworx a.s. is a technology development and implementation studio focused on creating cross-platform solutions for intuitive and entertaining product presentation, e-manuals, communication and e-learning.

Utilizing over 10 years of team experience in IT and games development industry, including the creation of products for PC, Mac and gaming consloes as well as mobile, online & browser games, our development approach focuses on two main areas – visual and technological quality without compromise on all target devices and entertaining “gamified” approach to channeling information.
ixworx a.s. was founded
in cooperation with
NEULOGY ventures

With investment from European Regional Development Fund
European Commission - Investing in your future

Consistent high-quality cross-platform presentation

The technological core of our solutions is the capacity to bring highly complex 3D models, animations, functions and proper visualization of details and materials to top performance on standard mobile devices in the market today. With the development experience of optimizing products for very different target platforms in the games industry, our team is capable of creating solutions that guarantee best performance and benchmark setting visual solutions on a wide range of devices, particularly smartphones and tablets of several generations.

Entertainment value

In our solutions, we promote an intuitive and active approach towards the product, which results in a hands-on, almost “gamified” experience – the reception of information from GUIDE is experienced as a positive, playful interaction with the product.

Utilizing simple, self explanatory mechanics of “touch and explore”, we aim to kindle the users curiosity and drive to discover and try-out the products functions, or just freely “play with it” on any available device. With this approach, GUIDE responds to one of the key needs of manufacturers and retailers on the current markets – potential customers spending time with their products.